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What does WritersWeb offer journalists?

WritersWeb is a freelance marketplace for writers and journalists in South Africa. It offers access to writing jobs for top South African brands, as we are frequently contacted to provide journalists to these companies.

Do I have to subscribe to WritersWeb?

Yes, you will need to register on the Mediaweb website, and then fill out a form on the WritersWeb page.

How much does it cost?

The service is entirely free.  WritersWeb charges the company who is looking for a writer.

How does it work?

WritersWeb is contacted by a South African company looking for a journalist. We comb through our database of skilled writers and then make contact with one of you to offer the writing job. You then confirm your wish to do the job (or not) and we connect both parties to get started on a brief.

Are my details safe, or sold to anyone else?

Your details are safe and all passwords are encrypted.

Will I be spammed?

No, you will only receive jobs that are relevant to your designated industry. We will also share an industry newsletter and royalty free content such as press releases and images if you subscribe yourself to a particular category.

How and where do I unsubscribe?

Either click the “Unsubscribe” button at the foot of your e-mail newsletter, or simply log in to MediaWeb and click the “My Details” at the top of the page and un-tick the “Newsletter” field.

Who is MediaWeb partnered with?

MediaWeb is proud to be partnered with the SA Freelancers Association (SAFREA), The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ). We work with these organisations to share news within the industry and help different segments of journalists to develop their careers.

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