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Established by three journalists twenty years ago, and acquired by Dean McCoubrey in 2007, MediaWeb Journalism Hub spent almost two decades establishing relationships with editors, writers, newsrooms and media professionals across 26 industries, and carefully partnering them with South African companies needing ‘brand journalism’. From the foundation of Journalism Hub in 2000, the business added an independent newswire service, WireWeb, to its services in 2007, before finally transforming into a full service digital storytelling and content marketing agency in 2014. MediaWeb has always focused on adding value to journalists, culminating in our role of matchmaking great writers with leading brands, and acting as the intermediary.

In a decade dominated by the importance of content marketing and quality storytelling, MediaWeb's vast media network of traditional and digital content creators have become a prized asset for industry leaders that are competing to deliver deeper digital storytelling and establish credibility and awareness quickly. PR delivers reach and offers higher value than advertising, given the third-party voice of the journalist. But with the explosion of content marketing, MediaWeb Group has extended its offering to assist brands to connect the dots in their narratives across the following channels:

  1. PRWeb: We write stories and share them with newsrooms and editors
  2. ContentWeb: We then take this news and reformat it to work in press rooms, website media pages, social channels, and emailer
  3. SocialMediaWeb: We conceptualise, create, design and publish social media campaigns, calendars and posts
  4. EventWeb: We send our 'mocile repprting team to cover live events or webinars and extract the story from the shared insights while also recording audio, video, and crafting a diary of social posts from the content
  5. SalesWeb: We help move flat and one-dimensional powerpoints, product cards, and corporate profiles into visual stories that are compelling and memorable, and move the audience to engagement and action
  6. VideoWeb: We conceptualise, write, and produce low-budget or high spec video and animations to bring a story to life for easy consumption
  7. CrisisWeb: We help manage reputation on an ongoing basis monitoring sentiment and negativity across social, service and digital channels, and consult on crisis management in complex and sensitive dilemmas
With industry leading clients including Investec, Naspers’ PayU, Sasfin, Windlab, Skynamo, Alphawave Group, DPD Laser, and One&Only Resorts, MediaWeb ensures a brand’s compelling story reaches multiple touchpoints using these business units.

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