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The most important question we are asked by journalism professionals

Part of my job involves sending individual messages to hundreds of journalism professionals every week. It’s tedious, and I don’t know how long I can keep it up for at our current growth rate of 90–100 users a week. It does, however, give me a lot of insight I wouldn’t get using an automated mass messaging system.

A question I ordinarily get is “How will WePress benefit me as a journalism professional?” I like this question because it keeps me honest. Every time a potential WePresser asks it, I use the opportunity to evaluate again what we are doing, who we’re doing it for and why.

So how can journalism professionals benefit from using WePress app? Here’s how.

Professional Networks are too broad for journalism professionals

Journalism professionals rarely check their LinkedIn profile because it’s too broad a job network. I also think there are too many things happening on there, three-quarters of which I don’t even use. The majority of messages I receive are random, misdirected or irrelevant to me. WePress, on the other hand, is a platform for the journalism and film community. 100% of the engagement is relevant to our users. We spend time verifying every new joiner to ensure it.

Social Networks have their challenges for journalism professionals

Facebook and Twitter are social platforms, so there’s a limit to how much you can talk about your services. It’s a waiting game. People post job opportunities, and if you see it, you apply to them. Also, work-related Facebook private messages get tossed into the same folders as the spam messages you receive. WePress was developed so to proactively pursue commercial opportunities and collaborations that are industry related. Private Messages go to your WePress Inbox. If it’s spam, you block it. When a conversation is over, leave it there or delete it.

Journalism professionals want more visibility with the editors and producers they target

Not everyone knows how to get their name at the top of a Google Search result. It’s causing talented individuals to fall off the radar and lose valuable opportunities. WePress has developed a powerful Directory that allows our users to consolidate their information. Once you’re a registered WePress user, you’ll have access to everyone in our global directory. We’ve made it that simple for you.
Getting commissioned for journalism services should be easier

A decentralized industry makes it hard to network and find job opportunities. Today, freelancers look for assignments on publisher & broadcaster sites, on secret Facebook groups, or through word of mouth. We also saw how a lack of transparency was contributing to discrepancies in pay, representation (gender/ethnicity), and job conditions. Having a WePress profile gives you visibility within the community. We’ve also developed a feature to help you sell your services in a structured and organized way. It’s called WePress Marketplace. Here, you can create Pitches.

    Pitches are products or services you are offering. They include Items for Sale or Rent, your hourly rate or rate per word, training or classes that you provide, or an upcoming event you are willing to cover.

Alternatively, you can also create Briefs.

    Briefs are products or services you are seeking. Perhaps you need a Fixer or Location Manager in South Sudan or an illustrator to liven up an article. Maybe you need a media researcher for your next documentary, or a certified translator to transcribe an eye-witness report into your native language. It could also be as simple as looking for a videographer to accompany you on a job.

Off course, all of this can be done confidentially too. Just use WePress’ Inbox for private one on one inquiries.

Journalism professionals want to deal directly with their clients

Usually, there’s a middleman that manages content requirements for publishers and broadcasters. Your chances of getting a gig rest in the hands of third-party agencies like Thomson-Reuters and Associated Press. WePress believes freelance journalism professionals can find jobs by themselves. They just need the right platform and tools. WePress has the most comprehensive directory in the industry because it covers every role. We think it’ll lead to exciting new possibilities and collaborations.

Monday, 24 August 2015

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