Mediaweb: Apps / Podcasts NewsThis is Mediaweb's news RSS feed Web Web RSS Feed. And Inclusion: Resources For JournalistsWe have compiled a list of resources that are in support of the shift towards diversity and inclusion within journalism.]]> 12:00:00 AMHow to pitch your story via emailPitching a story to an editor can’t possibly be all that hard. All you need to do is choose a publication, search for contact details and send them an email. Simple. But, unfortunately, this won’t get you very far.]]> 12:00:00 AMGroundbreaking SA TV App launches today!SAVuka TV is set to revolutionize the South African entertainment industry through its new online television mobile application. This app allows content providers ownership of the content they produce, while consumers get the very best of local entertainment on the go.]]> 12:00:00 AMSpreaker launches podcast radio appPodcast-creators and avid listeners may already be familiar with Spreaker, an audio and distribution platform.]]> 12:00:00 AMAn app to give news organizations the 'Push' they needIt’s hard to get people to read your work. That's been the thorn in the side of editors and publishers since Martin Luther figured out that taking a hammer to the church door would get his point across. It hasn't gotten much easier.]]> 12:00:00 AMTwitter tips from expertsHere is a selection of personal Twitter tips from journalists including Matthew Price, Mishal Husain and Cathy Newman, and social media experts like Anna Doble and Sue Llewellyn.]]> 12:00:00 AM95 Tools for the investigative journalistAn invaluable list of 95 tools and platforms that are helpful for collecting data, verifying material and producing interactive, data-based stories]]> 12:00:00 AMReporta - a new app for journalists in danger zonesThe International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) has launched Reporta, a security app that, with a touch of a button, can signal an emergency. It utilizes the power of a device common to journalists worldwide -- a mobile phone.]]> 12:00:00 AMMost important question asked by journalism professionalsHow journalism professionals can benefit from using WePress app, Mohamed Parham Al Awadi gives us the inside scoop]]> 12:00:00 AMTop 10 apps for Mobile JournalistsA great collection of the TOP 10 APPS all mobile journalists should use. List compiled by world mobile video expert, Robb Montgomery]]> 12:00:00 AMRecording phone or Skype interviews? Here are the best apps and toolsIt’s happened to the best of us: You call a key source for an interview and press play on your recorder as he or she picks up. After a great series of questions and answers, you look down to realize -- gasp! -- that it wasn’t recording after all.]]> 12:00:00 AMPinterest - The Powerful Content Curation Tool You’re Not UsingPinterest may seem like just another fluffy, feel-good website full of cupcake photos and endless boards of shoes, but beneath its soft exterior lies the makings of a powerful content curation machine.]]> 12:00:00 AM